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The birth of a new baby comes with myriads of feeling. Feelings of excitement, anticipation, anxiety and some stress, tiredness and feeling overwhelmed. The excitement comes with the anticipation of finally getting to gaze at the face of the life that had begun as an upheaval of hormones and continued to become quick kicks, movements and stretches. These movements were only felt and seen through the stretched skin of the tommy.

Preparing your home to welcome your newborn can be intense and demanding. Putting some effort into planning and preparing for your baby can help ease this period go as smoothly as possible.

Below are 12 suggestions that will be helpful –

Before your life gets busier and your hands are temporarily full; make out time to purchase the basic things that your little one will need in the early weeks and months. This will include but not limited to diapers, baby wipes, burp cloths, towels, washcloth, toiletries, clothing’s etc. Often times it is easy to get overwhelmed by everyone telling you what you “need” for your baby not to mention the volume of choices available for each product. But before you clean out your account, do a little research. This will keep you from a hefty dose of buyer’s remorse.

In the early days after the arrival of your baby, you will be getting up to feed at night. So you might give careful thought as to where you prefer the nursery to be. You might want it near your bedroom for feeding convenience or a little further so that your spouse can be well rested for work the next day.

 It is usually exciting to decorate a nursery for your baby, be it a first or second. You want to spend a lot of time and effort to paint and decorate it in bright and cheerful colors and then add up other pieces of basics, like crib, changing table, dresser etc Do not forget to make it organized in a way that’s convenient for you. And do not choke it up with “stuff” remember there’s plenty of time to add in other items later.

Many parents find bouncy chairs to be almost as useful as an extra set of arms. They offer a convenient, comfortable, safe place to put your baby when necessary. And since they are small, lightweight and portable, they are ideal for apartments since there is no need to designate a particular place for them. Buying at least one bouncy chair is almost essential to preparing for your newborn.

Feeding your baby on the scheduled time can be demanding. There is need to plan ahead. For bottle-feeding mom,  have feeding equipment and formula before baby arrives while mom intending to breast-feed should have a breast pump and bottles available for milk storage and the times when someone else will be feeding the baby. You will also want to have nipple cream on hand for use when you are sore. If you are a new mom, keep the phone number of a few “old moms” to serve as support, just in case you need some advice or a shoulder to lean on.

This is a must have as it is a necessary companion for all trips. A large diaper bag is best suited for longer trips and a smaller diaper bag for short trips. Keep the diaper bags stocked with essentials like baby formula, diapers, wipes and a rash cream, as well as an extra change of clothes for your newborn at all times.

The first few days at home from the hospital will be busy for you and your family. There will be times when cooking will seem a herculean task. Pre-cooked and stored up food will come in handy. Plan ahead, make some easy meals like stew, soups, different flavored sauces, etc, a few days before your delivery and stash them in the freezer. This comes with knowing when your EDD falls on. You can also make large portions of snacks like chin-chin, groundnut or bake a cake to cater for the visitors that will come to welcome your new born.

It might feel a bit too hasty but baby-proofing for your newborn is important. Start with the use of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaners and air fresheners. Buy fire extinguishers if you don’t have one and install smoke detectors if you can. As your baby grows, you can progress to installing baby gates on the staircase, putting child-proof latches on drawers and the toilet seat, and covering all electrical outlets to keep little fingers out.

Having friends and family sanitize their hands before touching your new born will save your baby from an inflamed skin. Have bottles of hand sanitizers placed in your sitting room and nursery to ensure only sanitized hands come in contact with your baby. 

Make a list of important contacts so you will not be scrambling for it while you have your newborn in your arms. Keep this list in a visible and accessible location, such as on your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator door. This should include your baby’s pediatrician, your doctor, daycare/Nanny service and even your favorite cab man. The last contact (Cab driver) comes handy in the case you are home alone and an emergency occurs in which you are too distraught to drive.

You will need power supply or an alternative when your new born comes home. Be it for baths, sterilizing feeding utensils or just to keep the nursery warm. Make plans for rechargeable bulbs, an inverter set or even a backup generator. This all depends on your budget. This will adequately cater for the incessant power outage our state and country is prone to.

Make plans for childcare/Nanny services especially if you are a working mom, and even if you are not, you need help with your bundle of Joy. When you have made your choice, diligently carry out security checks of the place and person. Learn about the different choices in your area and ask other parents for their recommendations. Work with what makes you most comfortable and what works with your budget.

Wishing you a safe delivery and fun filled motherhood! 

Source – http://www.sheknows.com/home-and-gardening/articles/807365/ways-to-prepare-your-home-for-your-new-baby

picture credit – http://fashionplaceface.com/african-american-newborn-baby/

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