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Last January, my friend, and a great Coach encouraged me to review the year 2019 with her and plan for 2020, it was not an easy task, but it was the best way to start my year 2020.

We used a resource called ‘The year ahead’ by yearcompass.com. It took me forever to answer the questions and fill in the columns; yet she was patient, insistent, and committed to ensuring I harnessed the benefits of the resource. 

When I mentally reviewed my 2019, I struggled with finding anything of importance (in my measurement) to be grateful for. You would wonder, a full one year and nothing to be grateful for. That was the question on Coach Lola’s lips too? You have my permission to laugh at my ignorance, for I still laugh at myself. 

It took me a month of meeting with coach Lola once a week to complete the 2019-year review and another one month to plan 2020. I learned from this experience –

  1. To never leave LIFE and PLANS to chance
  2. To document successes and goals no matter how minute.

Here is a peep of my bedside throughout 2020 (my stack of journal and victory board). I began to journal consistently when my big sister @Eno-obong Ezekiel shared her journaling story with me. I got inspired and determined to be intentional about journaling.

I bought two journals, which were my closest companion all year long. One was kept by my bedside and the other in my handbag. I wrote most of my daily scriptural inspirations, successes/testimonies in my bedside journal no matter how small. I wrote God’s promises that spoke to me, I wrote expected outcomes of goals and prayers. Then I wrote the ones I wanted to keep before my eyes on stick-on notes and decorated (pasted) my bedside with them. 

My inspiration for doing this is from Joshua 1 vs 8 – This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall read [and meditate on] it day and night, … for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will be successful.

Whoever emphasized the importance of documenting thoughts, plans, success, lows, highs, e.t.c is a genius I will appreciate again and again.

Last night, I read through the success notes pasted on my wall and a few inputs from my journal and was overwhelmed with gratitude to a great God who has been mindful of me.

 My experience shared here is not to overwhelm you but to encourage you to be intentional this year.

 Check out my gratitude and God’s promises blank slate for 2021. These are the ‘motivation’ that keeps me high and dreaming all year long.

They also served as a constant reminder that a ‘God of all possibilities’ is mindful of me. So I am assured that If God did it last year/month/week or did it before, HE CAN DO IT AGAIN.

 Dear, it is a new YEAR with 12 new chapters, 365 new and daily opportunities.

 Run your race, and at your pace!

 Align your goals and plans with God’s;

 Seek God’s direction in ALL things;

 Open your mind to possibilities;

 Build a value system;

 Focus on your objectives;

 Open your heart to see the results before it manifests;

 “Do not focus on adversity as they are distractions” (Pastor Poju 2021)

 Do not be distracted.

I know you will SUCCEED! The master created you so!!

GO and dive for GOLD this 2021!

Happy new year.





Image Credit – quino-al-RAd1nIVB3_Y-unsplash


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