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The heavy rains are finally here and ‘yours truly’
is enjoying the heavy down pour, cold weather and the snuggling up. If you
reside in this blessed country called Nigeria, you will agree with me that the
months preceding this heavily anticipated rainy season have been very hot. As
such, the change in weather is very welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed. (dunno
about you)
The change in weather also coincide with that time
of the year the children say goodbye to a long school session and are ushered
into their much desired and earned rest from school activities and classwork
load. This period is meant to be fun, fun and more fun as most parents and
caregivers take the back seat on enforcing rules. From restricted TV time to
monitored bedtime and all emphasis on academic work are all relaxed in
exchange for fun, play and rest.
So if the constant heavy down pour is inhibiting
all the planned out door merry making, try the activities below, your kids are
bound to enjoy every one of them as much they would enjoy the out door’s:
Puzzle – Did you know that solving puzzles develops an
effective problem solving skills in children, hand to eye coordination and even
enhances a child’s memory? So get your kids intellectually engaged this
season with puzzles, you can buy from the book stores or download from the web.
Solving and completing puzzles create an excitement and fulfilment in my six-year-old
girl that fascinates me. I won’t mention the frustration she suffers when she is
unsuccessful, in all I remain challenged by her indomitable spirit. *smiles*.
Hide and seek game -This game will always be favoured by any child,
especially when they are restricted to stay indoors. To allow for easy
discovery, you can specify the areas allowed for this game (i.e if you
reside in a large apartment) otherwise the whole house can be used. The
excited giggles and loud eruption of laughter will turn an otherwise cold
and dull day to an exciting one.
Arts – Dig up old colouring books or
set up a colouring board and allow the younger kids colour pictures or splash
colours all over the board. For the older ones, bring out old magazines and encourage
them to create a picture book by cutting and pasting old pictures just for fun.
Dance –
Help release some pent up energy through dancing. You will need energetic music
and slick moves to get the kids into action. You can even initiate a
competition amongst them, if you have more than one child. At the end of
this activity, the kids are sure to remain excited but a lot calmer (ie reduced energy level).
Make shift cinema – what is more fun than cuddling up with your kids under a blanket
with a bowl of popcorn (or any snack) for a movie time. So on the next rainy
day, turn your living room into a mini cinema and play movies that everyone
will love. I can bet that before the movie comes to an end, the younger ones
would have dozed off.
Happy hols people!

Enjoy the rains!!

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