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It’s obvious that the mantra of the
yuletide season – ‘a season to be merry’, has gotten a hold of me.  I am blogging more about the thrills of this
beautiful season than any other topic.  I
can’t help but get enwrapped in the joy of the season and the fond memories it
stirs within. Read more of my experience
here. One
of the key adventure of this season is Shopping, and as such I’ll be sharing
some tips on shopping this season and will even suggest some gift ideas too.

Set a budget and stick to
Never fail to ask yourself how much you are
willing to spend on gifts this season and set the limits. This will serve as a
guide and also as a nudge when the tendency to over spend arises. Failure to
abide by this first rule can lead to unbridled shopping spree and debts.
2. Prioritize
When shopping on a budget, consider who is on
top of the list and walk downward. Do not feel bad when everyone that has been
nice to you during the past year does not make the priority list, you can make
mental note to extend warm wishes to them in the course of the season.
3. Have a Shopping Plan.
you commence shopping, it is important to have a plan. Set aside a time to
shop, preferably months or weeks before the holiday season. This will enable
you avoid last minute rush. Another important thing to consider is the precise
shop location of  the gifs items you
intend to purchase. With this you will avoid going round in circles in an
attempt to locate that unique and coveted gift item.
4. Make
a list of the gift items
Embarking on your shopping trip with a list
of possible gift item is smart, that way you don’t appear indecisive when faced
with many options.  Decide before hand
what possible gift item each person on your list will receive. Most people prefer to shop only for close
family and friends while other expand their list to include co-workers, drivers,
Child(ren)’s school teachers etc. Decide on what you are comfortable with.
5. Shop
online for convenience
are increasingly becoming comfortable with shopping online from the comfort of
their home or office. Chose this method of shopping if you are time constrained
and want to avoid the crowd at the mall/stores, fighting for parking space, crying
children etc. In using this option, always look out for free shipping
6. Beware
It is safe to conclude that price slash,
sales and other amazing discounts can be considered a twin devil. On the
positive side, it helps in achieving more classy and unique purchase (gift)
with the budgeted amount, on the negative side it serves to entice buyers and
encourage impulsive buying. So beware!
7.  Heed
all these Advise:
This is
vital, unless you like the funny palpitations your bank statements or credit
card bills tend to induce after the thrill of shopping must have lapsed. No one
is going to think any less of you for doing your shopping on a budget. If they
do then you might want to question why you included them on your list anyway.
I’ll conclude with this extract from wikihow.com:

with your list, check it two or three times and be sure the items you choose
are not above your spending limit. When you go out shopping, buy what is on the
list and on the list only, if the item is not on your list, but happens to
truly be perfect, bump another item from the list.

Check here for gift ideas.


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