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SUPPORT NETWORK – Lesson from my 8-year-old

Image Credit - https://unsplash.com/@timmarshall

I love listening to my daughters’ chit chat as I find their giggles and chatter soothing and at rare times irksome. They frequently indulge in this when cleaning out the dishes, handling house chores, waiting for sleep to kiss their eyelids, and at those times that I say “no” to their request for extended TV time. Listening to this chit chats have been very insightful and revealing as well.

Recently, I listened in as they chatted while cleaning out the dishes and I was surprised at the conversation. I overheard my second daughter Didi affirm to her sister that she was her support network. In her usual ‘matter of fact’ way she said to Mimi – “You know, I can tell you anything especially the bad things because you are my support network”.

“This line of thought is too good to be true”, I silently mused to myself. And coming from my eight years old greatly intrigued me and I wanted to know more.So I interrupted their conversation with a question – “What is a support network? “ Didi shrugged and replied, mum, it is someone you can tell everything and anything to.
I was impressed, so I pressed on with another question – “Where did you learn that from?”
“Oh, my teacher mentioned it yesterday at our basic sex education class”, she responded.

I was surprised and grateful, and I silently said a prayer for all teachers for the depth of work they cover to pass on the lesson each day; to even starting conversations that were only thoughts in my head. I wanted the girls to become teenagers before introducing the topic of ‘support systems and networks’.

However, her teacher beat me to it. In her basic sexual education class, she reminded them that support networks are the set of people that you should confidently and comfortably tell everything and anything to, and listed members of the immediate family as being the first.

At bedtime, I decided to expatiate further on support networks by sharing my experience. I explained to my kids how our FAMILY was my first support network and how I daily draw strength from seeing their happy faces when I return from work. I described how difficult and stressful some days can be, how being each other’s support network can soothe the stress and bring comfort. I concluded by emphasizing that we MUST always make time for each other at all costs.

I encouraged the girls to be open and share with us every good, bad, and ugly happening. Most importantly, to tell us about their dreams, no matter how weird as they will always have our full support and guidance.

So mamas, Don’t think your little ones are too small to teach them the importance of having a support network. My eight-year-old re-enforced this lesson this week and I am happy to share.

Who are your support network?????




Photo Credit – https://unsplash.com/@bhuvii and https://unsplash.com/@timmarshall

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