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Happy new year my beloved and supportive readers!

It’s mid-January already and the world (at least in Nigeria) still looks and feels like we are just awakening to the New Year. The hazy weather has added its beauty to it – I love the cold though.

The holidays were so beautiful and fun filled that I longed for it to continue. I had a lot of blog post on holiday and Christmas tips to share with you all but the hours and days flew by so fast that I suddenly found myself in January. 

So here’s formally welcoming you to a great year filled with abundance of all good things. In this 2015, please do not make New Year resolutions OO!. I would suggest you make a thorough review and honest evaluation of yourself, business or Job performance, relationships, finance etc. So based on the outcome you can make plans, necessary adjustments, set goals and make projections.

Below are some tips to note as the year progresses;

1.Stay positive. You need to consciously look at the brighter side of life and things generally this year, especially with the election hype, oil price crash and all the gloomy predictions from the air waves, print media and the web. Even the incurable pessimist needs to heed this advice. Be like the Donkey who saw the light in his bleak situation. Read the full story here –http://www.wonderfulinfo.com/donkey-in-the-well-motivational-story/

2. Write down your goals and paste same at a place where your eyes can see (and read) every morning. Goals provide direction and drive, placing it before your eyes impresses it into your subconscious. A good place to paste can be on your ‘planning board’ bathroom mirror (just for personal bathrooms o) or bedside. You do know the best spot!

3. Have a vision notebook/pad with pictures of your desired goals. For example, if your goal is to own a Ferrari this year, get the picture online or from a magazine and paste it in your vision book. Images printed on your mind are like cast made on stone; once in your mind, your mouth will speak it and every part of your being will work, even unconsciously to achieve it.

4. Take time to build and maintain relationships. It’s a true saying that relationships make the world go round. It is the impact of seasoned relationships that make the rich stay richer and the poor … Priority should be given to family, a very key and important support structure. Do not misplace it for your job or business. Invest emotionally in it today so that your grey days might be filled with peace and joy.  

5. Look above for strength, direction and inspiration – in simple terms, reverence God in all your planning, goal writing, deliberations, etc.  Entrust all your numerous plans to an all seeing God, daily ask for directions and be willing to listen and act as led.

6. Keep abreast of events and news – be aware of the happening in your country and the world at large. It is important to stay abreast of the important things, apart from opportunities that can emanate from them. It enables one speak and act intelligently. Chose to stand out by being informed. 

7. Develop yourself – invest in yourself, investigate and read up on the latest invention or innovation on your line of specialty. Get a certification, additional qualification or focus on feeding your mind with audio, virtual or hard copies of materials that other great minds with great experiences spent time to write. Do not allow gossips, fashion or football, magazines or columns be the only things your mind feeds on this year. As you change or add a few new items to your wardrobe this year, be sure to buy some good books too. Be a TOTAL 2015 you! 

8. Give back – make plans to give back to the society. One of your goals in 2015 should be to leave the year better than you found it. If you can’t give out scholarships, houses, healthcare packages and the likes, plan to make someone smile by doing a kind deed every day – cook for a family, volunteer at a home, etc.

The year is still like a flower at its budding stage. Let us all plan and look forward to the unfolding of its beautiful petals; that way we all can partake of its beauty.

I wish you all a beautiful and fulfilled 2015!

Image credits: http://holidayswishes.net/tag/hello-2015/

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