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The holidays are here and it is exciting to have the kid(s) home
all day. It’s a good respite from early morning wake up session (abi drama
sessions); lunch packing and general school runs (as it’s called). Most moms
miss the morning tranquillity after the ‘off to school upheaval’. To that I’ll
say – wake up and smell the coffee!  Holiday is here!!

It’s the long vacation, so let’s make it fun for all. You may
need to adjust your schedule and patience mode if need be, especially If you’ve
got your “quiver full” of kids. They are hyper active now and will require loads
of activities to engage them. So if you aren’t shipping them off to a holiday
destination or summer school; try out these suggestions to keep up with them. Though
you will still need loads of patience, energy and water in your mouth (just
kidding) to keep you from screaming out every now and then. *winks*

The activities listed below will educate your kids, enhance
their creativity and probably manage their energy level but I assure you that
they will have tons of fun.

1. Puzzle – This is a mind engaging game for both the young and
old. A game of puzzle is never boring; it develops a child’s thinking ability
and enhances creativity. I love the exhilarating feeling one gets once a puzzle
is solved not to speak of the desire to solve another; my kids love
puzzles, they never seem tired of solving a new one. You can download amazing
puzzles here.
2. A trip to an amusement park – Can the child in me ever get
tired of the park? Lol! I love the reckless abandon with which children play,
laugh and run around in the park. It reminds me to laugh more and take life
less serious. After a great day at the park, sleeping will be the next thing on
your child’s agenda.

3. Cinema – Watching movies in the cinema always hold some sort
of fascination for most people; share a beautiful moment with your children in
a theatre setting. My daughter adores cinemas, especially the part where a
bucket of popcorn lands on her laps. Lol! This activity is suitable for kids
from 3 years upwards. You can also get amazing discounts for kids this season
here or 
online and search for the movie schedule that suits your location.

4. A trip to the zoo – If you leave in Lagos it’s true we have a
zoo. Lol! I didn’t know myself until recently. It’s a great experience to
remind your kids of the beauty of creation. They will also have an opportunity
to see animals that are rare to behold and learn more about them. A trip to the
zoo is usually an unforgettable experience for every child as the always relish
the experience long after the trip. 

5. Bicycle riding and other outdoor games – Riding a bicycle
takes a lot of energy and it’s very healthy. The children get to ride at a slow
and fast pace, laugh, sweat and have fun while bumping into each other. Other
outdoor games like football, handball, skipping, hide and seek, etc are very
exciting to engage in. Remember to have a bottle of water or fruit drink handy
to keep them hydrated.

6. A walk in the mall – living in a fast paced environment
literally deprives us of walking around, as simply as it sounds. We often
prefer a bus ride or chauffeur driven to walking. So take a walk around a big
mall with the kids, let them feed their eyes and mind; it will also be an
opportunity to match some diction to pictures. May I warn you to be on alert as
the kids will often leave your watchful gaze to wander off or run around; they
all love open spaces.

7. Educational applications – Download and install spelling and
reading applications for kids from ‘Google play store’ for androids or ‘apple i-store’
for i-Phones. Most of these applications come with an option to specify
appropriate age group, do this and have your kid’s attention taken over by
technology. In fact, this last point is stress free but very engaging plus its
super ideal for indoor loving mums. (But you have to leave your device in the
care of your kid if they don’t have theirs). A word of caution, do remember to
switch off your Wi-Fi or mobile data to avoid downloads of unwanted ads.

8. House chores and Baking – Everyone needs a helping hand with
the chores at home, so find appropriate chore for your kid(s)
irrespective of their age(s). Resist the urge to closely supervise or; finish
up’ after them. Also teach them to bake or try out some new baking recipes.

I hope these suggestions engage your children as much as they
have engaged mine. I’ll love to know other ways to make this long vacation
exciting for the kids, drop a comment/suggestion.

Happy hols!

N/B – These tips may apply to children between 2 – 8 years of

Image credits: Google

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