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A Letter to God – About the year 2020

Dear Father,

It’s been a millennium since I last wrote to you. I know all has been good because you live in my inside and are fully aware of my lines of thoughts even before they spill into words — I’d still spill them all the same.😋

So, the year past had been a rollercoaster of emotions for me and other humans on earth. We went from high spirits heralding the decade to crushed dreams, uncertainties, and fear, even to heaviness of hearts from the news of the death tolls from around the world. It felt like everyone was dying, and every day too!

But in all, I choose to be thankful for you carried me through.

You held my hands and taught me how to walk. You had my back at my lowest points of despair, and on the times I had a gazillion of questions on my lips. You helped me feel better at those times the outcome of events left me in severe shock, knowing little of what to do.

Lord, in you, I survived.

Living in close contact with family was a great challenge at some point. The bitter quarrels and emotional injuries seemed heavy to bear, yet with you, I sailed through. Those times are now in the past, the lessons have been learned, and lifestyle amended all for good.

Oh! For the strength to carry out the back aching chores and the perfection of my culinary skills and still have resources to carry out my official work from home… It was you all the way. You rock!

For the wisdom enclosed in the pages of the many books, I read from last year even when schools were closed due to the ASUU strike action. And for helping me through those very dull and boring times too.

I’m thankful for the silence of each morning and for the chirping of the birds that greets me through the window. The quiet privacy of my room, my little luxury!

Lord, this is tough but for the loved ones I lost, thank you for helping me believe they are in better conditions than they were here on earth. For the ability to take each morning as it came even while dealing with the thoughts of their death tugged in the innermost recesses of my mind. Thank you, father.

I had many good times, for those, I am happy. For the lessons, the Holy Spirit taught me about life through your servants and the quietly, ever-ticking, compass in my heart. Thank you.

For the friendly fires that were rekindled, the support systems that was reinforced. For the unions that were dumped for good and the souls, I came by. For the skills, you helped me identify and sharpen and other things I choose to call ‘new’. For the many gifts (perfumes, jewelry, pizzas etc.) sent to my door step from the lovely humans, you sent my way.

For truly, the time the human calendar called 2020 was a wrap, and I, like many others partook in its times and season — and that itself was an opportunity I’d forever remain thankful.

You’re always loved, Father.




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