appreciation excited. rain Rainy season


The rains are finally here in all
its glory and I am excited!
Oh yes! I love the sight of the
lazy drizzles as they fall with grace,
I love the lazy skies and dark
clouds and all the water puddles that fill the road
I love the feel of wet sand
mingle with the smell of damn mud,
The smell reminds me of our
traditional earthen water pots
I love the sound of splashy
puddles as they mate with
car tyres and human feet.
I simply love the rains 

I feel ecstatic watching the
goose bumps multiply on my exposed skin
As the cold morning wind hit my arms
and legs
From my balcony, I inhale its
freshness and shiver with delight
I now long to caresses the warmth
of my ‘I love tea’ mug,
Whose streaming ‘choco’ douses
the tension in my body
Oh my addiction, the
antidote that breaks my ‘choco’ devotion
I live again as I inhale your hot
fumes and sip from your warmth

 Oh yes! I love the rain and even
more, the cold weather
I love the sting of the hot
shower as it cascade down my skin
I love the respite the rain
brings from the heat and sweat
I love my cosy beddings and the heavenly
sleep it gives
And when the dawn beckons, Oh how
strong your seductive comfort pulls.
Its farewell to the yearnings for
a cold room and car
And the insatiable desire to
quench thirsty throats
 Today I chose to appreciate this season’s torrential
showers in spite of the other ills that it brings in its trail. 
And if you work in a traffic laden city like Lagos,
Nigeria, the rainy season teaches us patience as an otherwise orderly
traffic queue becomes chaotic once the commanding prefect (traffic
officer) dashes off to take cover from the rain
 Do remember to keep warm and stay safe from
flu and the attendant infections. 
Happy rainy season!!

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