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I love the fact that the door has been a good shield in so many ways to me. Safety from danger is the least on my long list, top most on that list is ..an entrance to my sanctuary, my place of quiet, peace and rest. Oh yeah! Rest from the terror of the ‘little feet’  that runs through and fro the corridors and rooms of my home with intermittent shouts of ‘mummy’. Feet that bring conversations which sometimes are unsolicited, feet that always come with a need – “mummy I want to wee in your toilet” or “ I want to read a story” feet that always want to laugh, play or jump on the bed (remember that jumping up and down on those heavy spring bed in those days? I loved doing that till a neighbor’s bed broke and NEPA saved me from a good lashing later that night). Feet that trail me all evening; clamoring for attention. These ‘little feet’ do not understand the desire to rest from the ‘stress’ of a busy day.

I always love the sanctuary a closed door creates for me, I love the quiet it brings. Behind those closed doors I find peace from the storm of my crew! (by the way how do mothers of 5 cope?)So running off or sneaking away from my crew is a favorite; especially when they are deep in concentration, watching a cartoon or playing with their toys. This sneaking off to the room has become an art which we (hubby and I) have mastered; after a successful sneaking operation we laugh at our silliness.

I hate locking the door, you are already wondering why I did not consider that option. I do not want to get up and unlock when some one knocks; besides when I run or sneak into my sanctuary, I just want to read, surf and surf  or just curl up under a duvet and sleep. This moments I cherish and love are usually few. I love my crew! don’t get it wrong; but a mom oftentimes needs a break!

Now you know my desire and love for a closed door, you will understand better why I sneaked into my room a bit early last night as my body demanded so after a hectic day and curled up. Sleep had start beckoning when I heard or thought I heard some one trying the door knob, I listened again and then the door was thrown ajar! there strolled in my 18 months ever busy and  energetic crew member 2. Who had not only grew to reach the door knob but had learn how to turn the nob! This came as a surprise.

My tried and almost dozing frame could not help but smile and hug my adorable miss  energetic for a worthy achievement. – seemingly silly things make a mom’s heart beat with joy.

So now with the shield of my sanctuary gone, I have to think of other ways of enjoying the “me moments” without having to go through the hassles of locking and re-opening.

Any suggestions??????

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    Trendy Mother
    September 8, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    @Anonymous 19:29 The bathroom and toilet is a good idea only when the door functions well. lol!

    Soaking in a bath?! I have not enjoyed such luxury in yearssssss.

    Still sampling ideas.

    Keep them coming and thanks for reading.

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    September 8, 2013 at 2:29 am

    Lucky you, to have some form of escape, I wish I could enjoy the luxury.loll!

    I hear the bathroom and toilet are sanctuary for some mom's .gives one a legitimate excuse to shut the door behind you for some time.

    Fancy soaking yourself in a bathroom filled with warm water after a hectic day for 30-45mins, while the crew is engrossed in watching their favorite cartoon

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