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I feel good that another school session has come to an end and, the long vacation is here again. This school session has stretched me to bits with many episodes of emotional roller- coaster. Thank God for a great support system.

It first began with the online classes and graduated to on-site classes with lots of extra lessons to catch up on outstanding work. It was then crowned with the daily adherence to stipulated Covid-19 protocols at school. We were responsible for our health, safety, sanity, and that of our kids. #plentywork

You will agree that the daily routine of keeping the kids safe in this season was exhausting; so I am grateful for another long break from school and all the expectations.

I have decided to be intentional about this vacation, so if you like me still struggling to apportion appropriate bonding time for the kids and ‘le boo’ while working from home and running ‘a thousand and one’ chores, do join me on this ride of reducing screen time and increasing bonding, communication, while impacting value, morals, and, faith.

I plan to take lots of pictures and document my highlights; I will encourage my bigger kids to do the same. #makingmemoriestogether

Here is my proposed vacation schedule, do feel free to adjust to suit your peculiar needs, do not forget to drop your suggestion and share it with your tribe.

Board Games Stimulate the brain cells in a fun way Build vocabulary, money habits, strategy skill, and how to think on two feet   N30,000 to Buy – Ludo, Monopoly, Chess and Scrabble boards
Long Walks/ Playing in the sun Stretch and fresh air Exercise, Recreation   N0.00
Story Night – Folk tales Fun way to impact values and morals Taking us back to our roots and culture while impacting Morals   N0.00 or Buy a book with traditional stories for about N5,000
A little more about God –Bible stories Affirm the importance of knowing God and living for him. Bible stories competition to increase knowledge of God and build faith    


Weekend Away 3 Days at a resort New environment, new meals, fresh air, travel    
Reading Circle –read and circulate Novels, Stories, Autobiographies Encourage the dying art of reading Just for fun/ relaxation, Knowledge, learning, experience other cultures   N5,000 to N10,000 can buy 5 to 8 books from the discounted book section
Movie Night – Comedy, animation, documentaries Carefully selected movies geared at learning a lesson Family time, laughter and bonding   Internet, Netflix or Dstv subscription
Sleep over at a Family Friends Carefully selected Bonding, friendship and creating memories   N0.00
Medical Checkup – Eye doctor, Dentist and general check up Check teeth, eyes and health Routine checks to rule out health issues you may have missed out in the course of your busy schedule   Budget depending on the hospital or available health insurance plan
Gardening – Pruning the flowers of Vegetable and snails farming To learn the art of nurturing Fun, learning growth, patience and enjoying Nature   N0.00 if you have the space
A day at the Beach Swim, walk, play and conversations Relaxation and bonding   Personal decision dependent of the beach chosen and its offerings
Baking and Craft (beading or knitting) To get their eyes off the screen and encourage pride in their handwork Learning an art or craft and discovering a passion   N5,000 for a beginners kit
Weekend away with ‘daddy’ Time off from mummy and daddy duties A weekend away to bond, relax, rejuvenate, affirm each other  and dream again without interruption    


Image credit – https://unsplash.com/@zlucerophoto

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