Last night after tucking my daughter to bed, I lay beside her, working on my laptop waiting for her to doze off. I usually lie with her till she dozes off otherwise she will run off to play despite rubbing her sleepy eyes. I thought she had slept off  when she suddenly tapped me and said “mummy, caprisone” (a type of children’s drink). The word – “carprisone” was properly and slowly pronounced, I was a bit surprised as that was the first time she was pronouncing that word; I kept mute and rather listened again. She then repeated it “mummy, caprisone”, I turned and smiled at her saying “what did you say?” she said it once more. At that instant, I got up and told her “I will get it for you dear” and I went for the drink.

This occurred at 10.05pm. I checked the time as I went to get her the drink. I didn’t bother about the time as I could not contain the joy in me as my very own twenty six months old baby could pronounced her favourite drink clearly!  All ye mothers, you know that feeling of anticipation, that patient waiting for our babies, toddlers or preschoolers to attend a milestone.

Remember when you first held your baby! We all waited patiently for the first smile, am sure when it finally came – your heart melted! Then you waited for your baby to be able to focus at a bright light, then you watched to see your baby grasp (hold) a toy and even dangle it, then sitting followed. These milestones were absolutely record breaking for us. Then teething (even if its two teeth for six months!), followed by crawling,  eating something other than milk (what a joy to watch!), walking and finally talking. Yeah! I know they blab earlier before now, I mean speaking a bit clearly.

So can you now relate, why a bone tired mum like me will indulge my preschooler (*big smile*) such a request at such a time, long after her bed time. I was simply thrilled to hear her call “CAPRISONE”. Before now, she  would simply points to  what she wants and say “givve mee”
I am my child’s greatest cheer leader; as such I consistently look forward to celebrating a new stride and achievement. You should do same!

If you are a book and information loving mum like me…, (I love to look up developmental milestone for each week for my child’s age but I did not see “good pronunciation of words for this week – *winks*)  always remember that these expected developmental milestones are only JUST A GUIDE, as all children develop at different pace. Check out www.babycentre.com, it serve as a good guide.

Let us all celebrate and where possible capture these milestones; they are the many joys of motherhood!!

Taking it further, how often do you also measure and appraise your milestones? Do you even have any defined? Let’s not be caught up with the daily routines of a wife, mother, worker, homemaker, etc and forget to also set achievable targets and make every effort to meet and exceed them. The inner satisfaction is better experienced. I have been there severally. I know you too have, but let’s make it our way of life.

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