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APPRECIATING THE ANGELS WITHIN – 7 inexpensive ways to appreciate a teacher

teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart” – Author Unknown

Teachers are simply priceless and their impact in the lives
they tutored are timeless;
  they are not in
any way constrained to the four walls of a classroom or lecture theatre as the
lessons and values taught and impacted are immeasurable. We can readily
christen any person impacting knowledge, values and character to another directly
or indirectly, in ways that mould the mind and guide the perspective – a

Teach.com writes that a
day in the life of a teacher can vary greatly depending on the subject and
grade level in which they teach. From Kindergarten to high school and special
education to statistics, one theme runs consistently throughout every great
teacher’s career: Their job does not end with the school day. Although standing
in front of the classroom is a huge part of a teacher’s responsibilities, they
extend far beyond that into the lives of their students, their students’
families and their community.

The aforementioned affirms the boundless reach of a teacher
and the invaluable nature of their job. Another term and session has come to an
end and our kids have come forth more knowledgeable than they were at the
beginning of the term/session. Bear in mind the class of school and cost
of tuition did not necessarily contribute to the growth and transformation
in the child. I believe that the time, effort and love poured by the teacher,
coupled with the desire to nurture a young mind, that brought about this

My focus today is on the class room teachers. As the term
comes to an end, I reflect on the progress my kids have made in different
subjects and the attitudinal changes, and I am grateful to God and their teachers
for their efforts which have positively impacted their lives.

Last school session commenced with lots of school work which
were completely new and somewhat complex. My 8 year old had a bit of struggle
understanding the numerical and quantitative reasoning assignments given .The mathematical
topics seemed to be daunting as  topics
like simple algebra, long division and  BODMAS took me down memory lane.

My husband and I squarely took
on the task of teaching our daughter after squashing the idea of a home tutor
as we chose to be involved in filling the learning gaps of our kids. So
day in day out, we took turns in teaching and explaining the grey areas, on some
days we called the class teacher, asking for more explanation and even
suggestions on teaching techniques for maximal impact. We prepped our daughter
to ask question on subjects she wasn’t clear on till she completely understood. 
repeatedly told her that there was no shame in asking questions and that only
the inquisitive mind gets enlightened. Eventually like every process, the time
and efforts spent in teaching paid off with excellent performance.

The second term continued
the cycle with glaring improvements in their learning process, and then the third
crowned the long school session by graduating these students now fully taught
and schooled on subjects and skill sets. By the end of each session, my teaching
skills become horned too and I can even articulate those topics that made
mathematics a scary subject for me back in the days.

Most teachers manage an average of 10 to 30 students every team
in most private schools in Nigeria, they understand each child’s peculiar learning
needs, follow up on progress and think of ways to also teach the slow learners.
Have you considered appreciating that teacher who poured time, energy,
values and character into moulding your child this session? It is an undisputed
fact that children are fun and amazing, yet their flip side can drain one’s
patience and even drive one ‘nuts’.
Teachers are truly rare species of
angels whose fulfillment comes when they record improvement in the child they

Our appreciation should not be limited to the class teachers only;
it should extend to the nannies, music teachers, ballet trainers and even the
security team, who distinctly know each child by name.
Remember it takes
a village (the whole school) to raise a child.

Below are gift ideas that are easy and affordable:

1.     A hand written thank you card with a gift
voucher (most departmental store have this in store)
2.     A journal, note pad and a fancy biro packed
with a ribbon
3.     Water flask, tea mug or travel cup in a gift
4.     Goodies basket  filled with choice and unique items
5.     Beautifully packed towels and bath items
6.     A Novel or a good authored book and stationery
7.     A table flower pot (live or artificial)
So make plans to put a smile on the faces of these teachers,
get your children involved if they are of age and have fun while at it. Remember,
happiness begets happiness!

Happy vacation!!

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