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I had just gained admission into school at the time. I was still a teenager, trying to figure out life on my own. I was sick often, I did not like my course of study, I was different in a lot of ways and many people did not like me. All of these, coupled with the fact that my family at the time was financially broke. My parents are civil servants and the government did not pay them for an…

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Dear Friend, Are you fatigued?   So tired (body and mind) that all you desire is a complete break from all the tasks and things competing for your attention?  In the words of my friend, ‘I just want to take a physical and mental vacation.’ Does this describe you?  Rest assured, you are not alone!  In the past few weeks, I have struggled to find myself in between work, love, and family expectations. It hasn’t been easy applying all the tips…

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 “Seddie! your closet is scattered again?”  I heard Mimi reprimand her brother as she dug through the pile of clothing, searching for his cardigan.   “You will kneel down when you return from school”.   She sighed with a tinge of exasperation and a knowing that the cardigan must be dug out otherwise mum won’t let her be.  Judgment for the erring crew member came swiftly and firmly as pronounced by Chief Judge Mimi, the magistrate in charge of my home court.…

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We had just finished dinner and were still seated, staring at our empty plates while relishing the delicious pasta, I had whipped up minutes after I came home. And then the song began… Hilarious and out of tune, however, the wordings communicated the intent, and I had a good laugh. “mummy, mummy, always giving us the best of meals, breakfast, lunch….. mummy, mummy oo… always the best…..” Daddy took the lead of the newly ensembled choir while the rest of…

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OMG conversations with my kids

Mummy, won’t you go and pick your husband from the airport? Didi, my 9years old asked with a smile as she struggled to sit her butt comfortably on my bed. “I will, but I am hungry” I replied with my eyes fixed on my phone trying to send out a message. “Are you choosing food over your husband?” she continued mischievously. I paused and stared hard at her in unbelief, “he is my husband, not yours! I will pick him…

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Circa 2015, I quit my job and was just content with not knowing what next and just taking it a day at a time. The job was so toxic I felt like I had just been released from prison and was basking in my newfound freedom. While what was ahead was quite uncertain and I had no clue what I wanted to do next. At that time, I was content and grateful to just be alive. You see, you never…

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There are some nouns that come  when you hear the words “mind your business”- intruder, pokenose, busybody, meddler, marplot. We have had a lot of memes that arose from minding your business like “Good morning, don’t forget to drink and mind your business’ or “when you are on your own lane, there is no traffic”. Well, if you live in a busy city, you know that this may only be true on an early Sunday morning or in a lockdown.…

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Born A Female – Diary Entry

In my African Home You work your spinal cord to its untimely death. May its gentle soul Rest In Peace. You walk your feet till its ends fray. You serve everyone that has a stomach and a pair of legs that is forbidden from stepping into the kitchen because they’re what?  Males. Oh! You dare not complain – you’re not even allowed to. You bear the pains with a gentle strength for failure to keep to this law makes you…

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I always love a good read or story for the knowledge it brings, the wisdom nugget it uncovers, and at times, the laughter it exudes. The joy of telling others about my hot discovery often impels me to share once I feel convinced the content will make another smile, learn something new or offer guidance. See below ‘UCB media’ word for the day that will make you smile, laugh, and offered wisdom nugget as you carefully tread the NEW path called…

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Gratitude life lessons New year

A Letter to God – About the year 2020

Dear Father, It’s been a millennium since I last wrote to you. I know all has been good because you live in my inside and are fully aware of my lines of thoughts even before they spill into words — I’d still spill them all the same.😋 So, the year past had been a rollercoaster of emotions for me and other humans on earth. We went from high spirits heralding the decade to crushed dreams, uncertainties, and fear, even to heaviness of…

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