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“You have to do what you have to do before you get married”

“You have to do this, You have to do that!”

All voices concerted to put pressure on you.

Now that you are married, and have children; when will you get to do the things you wanted to do before you got married?
Several narratives have become the norm in which we have unconsciously imbibe, and settled to just being “a Mum”.

Before you read even further, take a moment to think about all the times you juggled multiple tasks as a single lady; when your work/business demands at the time seemed like mission impossible which you conquered and all the other milestones that you have reached which didn’t come any easy.

You did those, and you will do it again!

Now think of your present reality as even more exciting; being a business/career woman, as a full-time housewife, as a single mum, a wife, sister, cousin, a boss, an executive, a colleague, a daughter, etc. and pat yourself on the back.
The different roles you play and aspects of your life are overwhelming in many different ways and equally rewarding in many ways.

As you read this, here’s hoping you’ll be able to look beyond your current realities and count your many blessings; looking back at the feats you’ve conquered knowing you can do it again and even much more because you are developing, learning and especially because things are much more different now! The tasks at hand and the ones ahead of you are exciting!

Our days are already full, and there’s barely any time for the personal goals we continue to ideate and not getting around to birthing. I want you to know that to be able to work on your personal goals and birth the desired results, you’ll have to take away or reprioritize the extras.

Some extras you’ll have to give up completely; the type of extras that do not add to your goals and priorities but continue to put pressure on you.

You know these things, and I can imagine you are already making a mental list; now dedicate a journal to this cause and list out these things whilst committing to starting with a clean slate to make sure your focus is on what is most important to you!

I know things are far from perfect, but you’ll soon get a breather; you can still be that mum, a wife, a sister, colleague, daughter, etc in ways that are deserving and also crush your goals; because you are relentless! Then slowly add some things back, gradually balancing your own life, on your terms!

Your life as it is now is great! You only have to find the path you veered off and decide to live your own life unapologetically!





Love always,
Your Trendy Mum

Credit: Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash
              Photo by Florian Weichelt on Unsplash

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