Birthday CHILDREN Motherhood


the span of one month, I celebrated two birthdays – my daughters turned four
and two respectively. I was exceptionally excited and expectant on those
special days and unbelievably started the countdown 5 days before the special
days. It almost felt like it was my own birthday! *Smile*.
retrospect, I think a mother has more than one birthday; this in my opinion is
dependent on the number of children she has and their age group. Did I read our
thoughts right? Even your spouse birthday becomes yours too! Amazing how a role
can transform a life and multiply celebrations!! Being a mother, wife, friend,
or … (fill it up) is such a great role and celebrating milestones in the lives
God has entrusted to your care can be heart warming.
so on those beautiful days, I had friends change their display picture to that
of my daughters – BB thingzz, all in celebration. My phone rang ceaselessly as
birthday wishes poured in from family & friends! Did I tell that ‘yours
truly’ dressed exceptionally on those days, together with the celebrants?
*Winks*. I will bask in the euphoria of this ‘coveted’ special days till the
celebrants are grown and able to run their shows.
piece is our special way of saying thank you for all the hearty wishes, prayers
and calls; and also to daddy for a beautiful special gift.
love you!


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