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Loving a man and giving of myself to nurture our relationship is exciting yet challenging. Growing a career while staying relevant in my field is tasking, then add raising 3 young and very active children deliberately in this megacity to this mix is no ‘beans’! This is my life today! Plusssss I am focused on maintaining a fit, healthy, and trendy lifestyle. These roles are just three of the many others in my life that I daily strive to excitingly execute…

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blessings Gratitude INSPIRATIONAL


Today I watched a street urchin hungrily devour the left-over snack flung out from a moving car. Gratitude washed over me like morning dew. It is one sight I will not forget in a hurry, at least not in this season of many uncertainties. That street urchin reminded me to be grateful for food and many other necessities of life which are readily available whenever the needs arise -these privileges should never be taken for granted. I silently reprimanded my…

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THE EMPTY ROOMS – Savour the moments

The post below got trending a few weeks ago, it was shared on various platforms. I am not certain whose work it is originally, nevertheless, I appreciate the thoughts behind it. This post greatly inspires me and serves as a reminder to deliberately live in the now; appreciating every moment and time spent with our children.  It is good to visualize the future but also important to enjoy the present. Do not be a part of the crowd that always anticipate the…

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blessings God;s love guest post million ways sunshine


After almost two weeks of constant cloudiness (and rains) I saw the sun again today. It was like greeting an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years. It lit up not only the sky and the Earth but my soul as well. I smiled towards the Heavens and thanked God for this beautiful sight.    I knew too that it was just one of the million ways that God says, “I love you” to us everyday.In fact, if I…

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blessings lagos traffic

LAGOS TRAFFIC – The hidden blessings perspective

The recent heavy traffic situation in Lagos has taken its toll on me, your very own trendy mama! My 15 – 20 minutes journey to and from work daily has become a 2 hour journey and the many side effects are spreading fast to other areas of my life. I can’t help but join in the ‘#lagosnogospoil’ crusade as I desire some form of sanity restored back to Lagos roads. Apart from the fact that my 7 hours night rest doesn’t seem…

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Friends are great to have, hold and love. I often imagine how boring our walk through life would be without the spice of friendship. Friends are priceless as they complement every aspect of our lives, they often serve as our adviser, loyalist, stylist/designer, experiment specie, gossip and mischief mate, merry and ‘waka’ partner, and the list is unending.  Friends come in different shades, most are dependable while a few others are what we often refer to as ‘fair weather’ friends.…

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