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If you own your flaw, you own your life – Nadia Addesi No one can condition me to be less attractive than I feel. I know that what’s inside of me is more beautiful than any physical trait could ever be – J Yamagucci   A few years ago, if someone asked me how I truly felt about my body, I would simply say, “I don’t like it”. Most times, I have struggled with self-love and acceptance when it comes…

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MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION – The everyday woman, my hero!

Last weekend, while braiding my hair, I had a discussion with my hair stylist and it opened my eyes to a peculiar challenge most women encounter – the task of raising children and running a home. This is one task no straight-jacket formula can solve, it is a challenge often experienced by most women raising young families in a fast paced society such as ours.  As we discussed further, it became clear that our routines were not different from each other; her…

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