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PRAYER FOR MY BOSS- Wise counsel from my beloved colleague.

It’s been a tough period at work and everything I did, every effort, every presentation was received with dissatisfaction by my Boss… I felt picked on, isolated on the team and nearly losing faith in myself… I cried out in prayer to my God, booked masses, wept at the altar of mercy yet it seemed like the heavens had left me dry shod… On this fateful day, as my colleague and I were walking to lunch – Calabar kitchen in…

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9 months decision expectation marriage


A fortnight ago my bosom friend Nana got married to her heartthrob Wale, it was a beautiful ceremony with lots of good looking men, beautiful ladies and sumptuous food. I love it when people marry young, as in mid or late 20s or even early 30s. I believe it creates an opportunity for the couple to grow together, learn from each other and generally face the ups and downs of life together (assuming the spouse is at most 5 -8 years above…

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