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ADMISSION WAHALA – Another life phase

It’s another major milestone season for our first daughter – transitioning from Primary to Secondary School. So last week, she wrote yet another secondary school entrance examination that lasted for 5 hours! Ordinarily, it should have been a stressful day for us all, but we turned it into a memorable one. I honestly think there should be a community of mothers with children sitting for entrance examinations into secondary schools to offer support and guidance through this process.  I did…

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CAREER expectation faith RELATIONSHIP

PRAYER FOR MY BOSS- Wise counsel from my beloved colleague.

It’s been a tough period at work and everything I did, every effort, every presentation was received with dissatisfaction by my Boss… I felt picked on, isolated on the team and nearly losing faith in myself… I cried out in prayer to my God, booked masses, wept at the altar of mercy yet it seemed like the heavens had left me dry shod… On this fateful day, as my colleague and I were walking to lunch – Calabar kitchen in…

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encouragement faith friendship


Deep question huh? Pause and think! The heading above is one I have pondered upon frequently in the last one month.  This thought gnaws at my heart every time I face a challenge (in a fix) and desperately need someone to listen without judging, the ‘someone’ that isn’t my hubby because I assume he needs a break from my talks Lol! And so my recent search through my phone contact for that ‘saving’ number cum non-judgmental listening ear came out blank and I was appalled!  *shaking my head.…

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encouragement faith resilience Trust


  The sight of my 20 months old trying unsuccessfully to wiggle out of the tight embrace of his 6 years old sister always gets me cracking with laughter. I can perceive the unsaid words of my daughter by her determined stance of “I must grab you by all means” and the struggling toddler screaming loudly through his unclear words “let go of me”. This struggle is usually a sight to behold and the bond between these two is  beyond my…

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comfort faith Jesus loves me joy in turbulence quiet assurance


Yes Jesus loves me!    Yes Jesus loves me!! Yes Jesus loves me!!! The Bible tells me so…. Tears filled my eyes and flowed freely as I sang this song last night while trying unsuccessfully to rock my baby to sleep. The song served as lullaby as I held my son’s restless body close to my heart, pacing the length of my bedroom with great hope that he will doze off soon enough to rest my tired body. I kept repeating…

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