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Miracles truly happen and I am an excited recipient of one. Here is my story; I rushed in from work yesterday after driving through an unusually heavy traffic, as soon I was ushered in I kissed and hugged my kids and hurried straight to the kitchen without pulling off my work clothes. Getting dinner ready and on time was top priority as I do not encourage late dinner and also for ease of digestion. Our menu for the evening was…

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With a few hours left to end the month of October and 61 days left to commence 2015, I reflect with great joy and fulfillment on how exciting and pulse racing the experiences of the last 10 months has been. The month of October has been exceptional, memorable and filled with joy. Even though, there has been some near accident and death experiences; the amazing surprises, fulfilled expectations, launch of a new endeavour and some new milestones achieved by my…

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