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Steve Goodier is one man you all should read and follow as his articles are always thoughtful and inspiring. I love the lesson learnt from my last read and will share below with his permission. One woman complained to a friend that she couldn’t remember anything from one day to the next.“Let me get this straight,” he said. “You can’t remember anything from one day to the next. How long has this been going on?”She said, “How long has what been going…

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GUEST POST – Kids are like dogs, Teens are like cats

“I just realized that while children are dogs—loyal and affectionate—teenagers are cats. It’s so easy to be a dog owner. You feed it, train it, boss it around.  It puts its head on your knee and gazes at you as if you were a Rembrandt painting. It bounds indoors with enthusiasm when you call it. Then, around age 13, your adoring puppy turns into a big old cat. When you tell it to come inside, it looks amazed, as if…

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After almost two weeks of constant cloudiness (and rains) I saw the sun again today. It was like greeting an old friend that I hadn’t seen in years. It lit up not only the sky and the Earth but my soul as well. I smiled towards the Heavens and thanked God for this beautiful sight.    I knew too that it was just one of the million ways that God says, “I love you” to us everyday.In fact, if I…

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