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You only live once!

It happened a few weeks ago, after drafting my reading timetable ahead of the much-dreaded Bar finals when I had this cloak of fear paralyse me.  It seemed like a huge mountain which had to be climbed. I felt anxiety well up inside me, burst out in tears, and I was surprised to find myself doing so. I cried because of the journey ahead of me. I feared it will consume me. Isn’t that the way we approach life sometimes? We want to…

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The Trap of ME

I recently had a wake-up call courtesy of my 6-year-old son Seddie. During our nightly prayer time, I asked Seddie if he had any special prayer requests, and he responded with something that surprised me. “Mum,” he said, “I want Lason to know that there is a God. He says God doesn’t exist and doesn’t believe in Him. I’ve tried to tell him about God, but he won’t listen. So please pray for him.” As we said a prayer for…

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As a 23-year-old, I was skinny, shy, and very insecure. I hated my dry skin, dry palms, long neck, flat butts, and the bones that stuck around my neck. Now I know it is called a “beauty bone.” These so-called beauty bones gawked at me every time I dared to stare in the mirror, and I struggled to cover them up by wearing turtleneck blouses. I also hated my school because it was far from home, in a strange city…

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TRUSTING like a child

“The innocence of children is what makes them stand out as a shining example to the rest of the world.” – Kurt Chambers Children are the most loving, curious, and innocent beings on earth. I love their innocence, especially how trusting they are, without a care in the world. Earlier this week, I dashed into my room to pick an item when my eyes fell on a white paper planted right in the middle of my dresser! A curious glance at…

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IWD Celebration – My Gift

What was your International Women’s Day gift? Well, I got a wrapper😂 HE GIFTED ME A WRAPPER!!🤣 My 5-year-old gave me a gift to commensurate international women’s day. ‘Mummy!’ Seddie called. ‘Yes,’ I answered without looking up, still hammering away on my keyboard. ‘Happy international women’s day, mummy.’ I paused momentarily, looked up, and smiled. ‘Here is a gift for you’; he continued, extending a beautifully folded ‘wrapper’ with a smile. A big smile engulfed my face, and my heart…

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INSPIRATIONAL life lessons Motherhood

ALIGNING OBJECTIVES – Lessons from a 4 years old

How often do you clearly define the objective for a task, agreement, or business? This evening my 4 years came to me with a request – Seddie: Mummy, Didi (his sister aka Buddie) wants to take this toy from me, can you keep it safe for me and away from her? Me: oh yes! Please leave it by my bedside table and I will watch over it (I was already on the bed watching a favorite soap). Seddie: Okay mum.…

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CHILDREN INSPIRATIONAL life lessons Motherhood


I was cornered into reading the kid’s devotional with my 4 years old son this morning and I enjoyed the experience! With the second term holidays in full swing, the girls are savoring the long and uninterrupted morning sleep; and waking up late is gradually becoming the norm. Seddie being an early riser is mostly on the lookout for activities to keep him engaged till the sisters’ are awake. In his bid to stay engaged this morning, he suggested ‘abi!’…

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INSPIRATIONAL life lessons Motherhood

SURVIVING TO THRIVING – This motherhood journey

I recently rewrote my meal plan to accommodate my 4year old who can now eat a variety of meals with the rest of our family. The peace my brain has received from planning evening meals in a ‘jifi’ has been heavenly. Our initial food plan incorporated our toddler’s need for frequent feeding and selected meals Planning healthy meals from a tired mind is one job function you don’t want to battle when you come back dead tired from an 8…

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hope INSPIRATIONAL life lessons


There was a new role advertised in the office – one that I and everyone else agreed that I was the best fit. So, I went on to apply and waited for the shortlisting process to be complete. As expected, I cut alongside six others who got invited for a chat – I was excited! I went for the chat and aced it from the feedback received. Then, I took my eyes off the ball and forgot to prepare for…

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Today I watched a street urchin hungrily devour the left-over snack flung out from a moving car. Gratitude washed over me like morning dew. It is one sight I will not forget in a hurry, at least not in this season of many uncertainties. That street urchin reminded me to be grateful for food and many other necessities of life which are readily available whenever the needs arise -these privileges should never be taken for granted. I silently reprimanded my…

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