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Gratitude lagos traffic life lessons


“Good afternoon aboki ina”, I flashed a tired smile to the group of truck drivers huddled together and conversing in fluent Hausa language. They all turned to stare at me, with just one responding to my salutation with, “hey”! I kept smiling at them while explaining the little favour I required of them. “A good smile always breaks barriers and open doors!” My boss would always emphasize. I politely requested each driver to move their trucks and trailers to give…

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Apapa beauty lagos traffic self motivation thankful

THE CITY CALLED APAPA – Beauty in the Ugliness

My comfortable commute to work will end half way again today as the roads have been blocked by trailers and tankers. A two lane road now accommodates 3 tankers and trailers parked bumper to fender, a total stand still!  Not even a motorcycle can wiggle through. This has almost become a daily occurrence and I am one of the thousand voices screaming for a respite. An otherwise calm and beautiful start of a day can be turned into a nightmare leaving one…

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blessings lagos traffic

LAGOS TRAFFIC – The hidden blessings perspective

The recent heavy traffic situation in Lagos has taken its toll on me, your very own trendy mama! My 15 – 20 minutes journey to and from work daily has become a 2 hour journey and the many side effects are spreading fast to other areas of my life. I can’t help but join in the ‘#lagosnogospoil’ crusade as I desire some form of sanity restored back to Lagos roads. Apart from the fact that my 7 hours night rest doesn’t seem…

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