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Agbero credibility Lagos LIFE society


I love blogging but some topics and areas are not my ‘thing’. So when events occur in such areas, I only air my opinion to friends and associates. I beheld a sight yesterday and got encouraged to pen down my thoughts. At a popular bus stop at Isolo, Lagos, an ‘agbero’ (A Youruba slang for area boys) was at his usual spot extorting cash from reluctant bus conductors, when two police officers swept in on him from behind. The two…

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Lagos LIFE traffic


The traffic today was bad. It looked like all the cars and trailers in Lagos had a convention in Apapa. The side streets and back roads were filled with cars. Leaving Apapa in 1 hour was simply hopeless. As I sat in that traffic, my mind was on how to get home early enough to make dinner and help out with other chores. Honestly, on days like this, all I desire is to do is get home, shower and sleep…

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