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The little Acts that make the difference

It’s in the little acts. It’s in the words of affirmation, It’s the little acts and moments showing appreciation for all the efforts poured into our home that make motherhood gratifying for me. I am even blown away when these acts come from my biggest fan and cheerleader – my #husbandoflife. In the last few months, I have taken on every role imaginable for my family. I’ve been the cook, the driver, the personal shopper, the nurse, the adviser, the…

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Silencing your Fears

When you face a challenge – Do not FEAR! I repeat Do not FEAR!! I vividly recall a long meeting with my supervisor on a specific Key Performance Index (KPI) that needed improvement. The conversation ended with, “I will move you to a different unit if things do not change in the next 3 weeks.” For the first time in my adult life, I couldn’t sleep that night because I was afraid of failing. I remember vividly the scene and where…

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ADMISSION WAHALA – Another life phase

It’s another major milestone season for our first daughter – transitioning from Primary to Secondary School. So last week, she wrote yet another secondary school entrance examination that lasted for 5 hours! Ordinarily, it should have been a stressful day for us all, but we turned it into a memorable one. I honestly think there should be a community of mothers with children sitting for entrance examinations into secondary schools to offer support and guidance through this process.  I did…

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“Chicken pox leave my daughter and cling to me oo”, my mum sang in her melodious voice rocking me back and forth, while trying unsuccessfully to comfort and calm my grieving soul. Oh yes! I was grieving and the tears that flowed ceaselessly were the expression of the pain I felt within. Even if I desired to calm myself, the tears would not stop and so I let it flow. With this torrent flowing freely, my lips gave life to the…

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