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OMG conversations with my kids

Mummy, won’t you go and pick your husband from the airport? Didi, my 9years old asked with a smile as she struggled to sit her butt comfortably on my bed. “I will, but I am hungry” I replied with my eyes fixed on my phone trying to send out a message. “Are you choosing food over your husband?” she continued mischievously. I paused and stared hard at her in unbelief, “he is my husband, not yours! I will pick him…

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“Chicken pox leave my daughter and cling to me oo”, my mum sang in her melodious voice rocking me back and forth, while trying unsuccessfully to comfort and calm my grieving soul. Oh yes! I was grieving and the tears that flowed ceaselessly were the expression of the pain I felt within. Even if I desired to calm myself, the tears would not stop and so I let it flow. With this torrent flowing freely, my lips gave life to the…

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