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 “Seddie! your closet is scattered again?”  I heard Mimi reprimand her brother as she dug through the pile of clothing, searching for his cardigan.   “You will kneel down when you return from school”.   She sighed with a tinge of exasperation and a knowing that the cardigan must be dug out otherwise mum won’t let her be.  Judgment for the erring crew member came swiftly and firmly as pronounced by Chief Judge Mimi, the magistrate in charge of my home court.…

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DISCIPLINE encouragement essential tips LIFE


“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.” – Bum Philips  “With self-discipline, almost anything is possible.” – Theodore Roosevelt Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do things even if you don’t want to do them. It is one of the most important values in life, especially in a year where we are all compelled to wear masks, stand feet apart from one another, wash hands so very often, go without hugs and hearty greetings, stay off cinemas, gyms, pubs, and…

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One of the most terrifying sights for most parents I will assume, is to see their toddler with a sharp object. Numerous videos of toddlers going to great lengths to retrieve the object of their interest, flood the internet. From climbing out of their cribs to scaling over a refrigerator. One begins to wonder how creatures so sweet and little can “manifest” the way they do. Asides from when they are asleep, quiet time is not what parents with active…

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goal greatness LIFE


“You have to do what you have to do before you get married” “You have to do this, You have to do that!” All voices concerted to put pressure on you. Now that you are married, and have children; when will you get to do the things you wanted to do before you got married? Several narratives have become the norm in which we have unconsciously imbibe, and settled to just being “a Mum”. Before you read even further, take…

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Trendy Mum Self-Management Tips 101

Hello Trendy mothers, today my binoculars are on you all, oh yess! You and you and you!! A trendy mother is a woman who seems (on the outside) to have all facets of her life working harmoniously, she is that woman that excels in her role as a wife, mother, career or business and still look beautiful. Every blossoming woman’s dream is to become such an amazon one day, it is truly a dream and one, that may never materialize,…

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THE NEW NORMAL – my online schooling story

Thank God it’s Friday!! Whew! see me jumping and dancing into the weekend Online schooling has not been a stroll in the park like we initially envisaged. The snippets we watched online and as practiced in other countries did not reveal the full story O!   The past 3 weeks of online schooling has been tasking, demanding and full of drama…especially in handling my son who is in the nursery class as he requires full supervision and support to go…

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hope LIFE personal struggles


Today, I woke to the brightness of the sun rays, I struggled out of the bed and knelt to pray before my day commenced. I still recite my prayers because my brain has been so wired from childhood. Besides, my mama always says it’s the best way to begin the day. I know the recitation is only a routine as I doubt the Father of Light even listens to my mumbling. These days, I find great solace at the window…

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Another phase Birthday LIFE living new phase


Life is a beautiful and an unending story which comes with different phases. It sometimes looks like a theatre play where one curtain falls and another rises, with the audience waiting to watch the next scene with palpable expectations. Every phase of life will always unveil newness, just like the petals of a beautiful rose. We daily experience these phases of life in varied ways ; the birth of another generation (a baby), the ‘leaving to cleaving’ phase, the birthing…

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Glory is 30 weeks pregnant today and whines more than a mosquito about her pregnancy! Oh yes! My love for her does not stop me from telling her this truth. These complaints intensified at 27 weeks where she complained of eating too much, getting tired of dragging her pregnant frame to work and looking fat like a pregnant pig! Lol. She always ends each episode of whining with “I can’t wait to give birth”. The truth is Glory still looks…

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blame game LIFE people RELATIONSHIP strength


A mother heard the family cat yowl in pain. She knew where to look – she looked for her son, Mike. “Stop pulling the cat’s tail, Michael!” she chided.“I’m not pulling his tail,” the boy retorted. “I’m just standing on it. He’s doing the pulling.”He, of course, is no different than any of us. Often, our first impulse is to blame someone or something else for problems. It’s the cat’s fault. Or the school’s fault. Or my parents’ fault.I once…

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