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“Mark ran up the stairs and away from the big black cat, he wrapped his arms around his skinny body trembling with fright…” I lay beside my 4 years old, listening to him read fluently from an old storybook. I smiled thoughtfully as my heart swelled with so much pride. A few months ago, pronouncing three-letter and four-letter words were a great struggle which made my heart worry. It didn’t occur to my ‘overly expectant self’ that Seddie was just…

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The mind of a child is truly limitless! How else can I explain my kid’s quest to have their desired picnic without any input from me? It all began with this line, “Mummy can we have a picnic tomorrow?” I answered non-committally, “let’s see what tomorrow holds,” a reply which made my 11 years old make a snickering sound with an “it ain’t gonna happen” face. I listened in amazement as my 9 and 4 years old planned, conversed, and get all…

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Gratitude is all my heart holds this season because 2020 has been an EVENTFUL year for everyone. The gift of life and mental sanity has been topmost for a number of us who have had to live with constant anxiety, fear of the unknown, and trying to adapt to new experiences like working from home. It has been a year where my emotions have been on a rollercoaster and almost on the brink of a mental breakdown because my job…

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LIFE LESSONS – Fostering creativity in children

Give children the opportunity to express “divergent thought.” Let them disagree with you. Encourage them to find more than one route to a solution, and more than one solution to a problem. When they successfully solve a problem, ask them to solve it again but to find a new way to do it (same solution, different route). Christine Carter, Ph.D  As we drove to school last Thursday, I noticed my 7 year old fidgeting with her school bag. I drew…

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