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Gratitude INSPIRATIONAL light bulb moments live intentionally


Gratitude is all my heart holds this season because 2020 has been an EVENTFUL year for everyone. The gift of life and mental sanity has been topmost for a number of us who have had to live with constant anxiety, fear of the unknown, and trying to adapt to new experiences like working from home. It has been a year where my emotions have been on a rollercoaster and almost on the brink of a mental breakdown because my job…

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CHILDREN creativity life lessons light bulb moments

LIFE LESSONS – Fostering creativity in children

Give children the opportunity to express “divergent thought.” Let them disagree with you. Encourage them to find more than one route to a solution, and more than one solution to a problem. When they successfully solve a problem, ask them to solve it again but to find a new way to do it (same solution, different route). Christine Carter, Ph.D  As we drove to school last Thursday, I noticed my 7 year old fidgeting with her school bag. I drew…

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