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My Oxygen – This is Who I am

My Oxygen are lines of words I frequently declare to myself to keep me ‘high’ and positive. Often referred to as words of affirmations by many; I chose to call it Oxygen, borrowing the name and concept from my friend Ngozi Akinyele, a speaker on Trendy mum Talks 6.0. Just like Oxygen, I daily gas up myself with these lines reminding me of Who am I – my identity, personality, giftings, and blessings. I am sharing my draft with you to…

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Gratitude INSPIRATIONAL light bulb moments live intentionally


Gratitude is all my heart holds this season because 2020 has been an EVENTFUL year for everyone. The gift of life and mental sanity has been topmost for a number of us who have had to live with constant anxiety, fear of the unknown, and trying to adapt to new experiences like working from home. It has been a year where my emotions have been on a rollercoaster and almost on the brink of a mental breakdown because my job…

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everyday woman live intentionally mother's day celebration

MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION – The everyday woman, my hero!

Last weekend, while braiding my hair, I had a discussion with my hair stylist and it opened my eyes to a peculiar challenge most women encounter – the task of raising children and running a home. This is one task no straight-jacket formula can solve, it is a challenge often experienced by most women raising young families in a fast paced society such as ours.  As we discussed further, it became clear that our routines were not different from each other; her…

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