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FAMILY life lessons lockdown diary raising children


Today, we had our Monthly Performance Review (MPR) via Microsoft office team and it was a long meeting. As the meeting progressed, the public power supply went off, after a while the inverter went off too and I was in partial darkness with sparse lighting from the window close by.   My ever loving 3-year-old, ran through the hallway and saw me seated in the dark area with a laptop and Ear plug on; then the following conversation below ensued:…

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FAMILY life lessons lockdown diary


Today, I woke up to breakfast in bed.  Some slices of bread with fried egg with a cup of my recently discovered tea – lemon+ginger, a glass of fruit smoothie and a finger of banana. Haaa! As the tea settled on my bedside table, I yawned, stretched and smiled sheepishly at my chef ‘husband’. My hand spontaneously went for the tea, as the strong scent was simply irresistible and had recently made it to my ‘food crush’ list. However, my…

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