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I feel good that another school session has come to an end and, the long vacation is here again. This school session has stretched me to bits with many episodes of emotional roller- coaster. Thank God for a great support system. It first began with the online classes and graduated to on-site classes with lots of extra lessons to catch up on outstanding work. It was then crowned with the daily adherence to stipulated Covid-19 protocols at school. We were…

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Few days ago I turned my room “right side up” looking for a document. I brought out files and turned out cupboards that haven’t be touched in a long while. I eventually found the document, but in the process I stumbles on a number of love notes my ‘gentle man’ and I exchanged back in the days. Some were ‘make up’ notes (imagine those type of love notes after a quarrel) but the majority were declaration of love. Chai! Would…

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