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We had just finished dinner and were still seated, staring at our empty plates while relishing the delicious pasta, I had whipped up minutes after I came home. And then the song began… Hilarious and out of tune, however, the wordings communicated the intent, and I had a good laugh. “mummy, mummy, always giving us the best of meals, breakfast, lunch….. mummy, mummy oo… always the best…..” Daddy took the lead of the newly ensembled choir while the rest of…

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MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION – The everyday woman, my hero!

Last weekend, while braiding my hair, I had a discussion with my hair stylist and it opened my eyes to a peculiar challenge most women encounter – the task of raising children and running a home. This is one task no straight-jacket formula can solve, it is a challenge often experienced by most women raising young families in a fast paced society such as ours.  As we discussed further, it became clear that our routines were not different from each other; her…

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