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You only live once!

It happened a few weeks ago, after drafting my reading timetable ahead of the much-dreaded Bar finals when I had this cloak of fear paralyse me.  It seemed like a huge mountain which had to be climbed. I felt anxiety well up inside me, burst out in tears, and I was surprised to find myself doing so. I cried because of the journey ahead of me. I feared it will consume me. Isn’t that the way we approach life sometimes? We want to…

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The Trap of ME

I recently had a wake-up call courtesy of my 6-year-old son Seddie. During our nightly prayer time, I asked Seddie if he had any special prayer requests, and he responded with something that surprised me. “Mum,” he said, “I want Lason to know that there is a God. He says God doesn’t exist and doesn’t believe in Him. I’ve tried to tell him about God, but he won’t listen. So please pray for him.” As we said a prayer for…

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These days, achieving a healthy work-life balance can seem like an impossibility. There always seem to be a thousand and one task seeking for urgent and important attention. Your career (work) is important, so is your personal life. You don’t want your work to overshadow your life and vice-versa. Attempting to find a balance between these two can be somewhat difficult.  The tips below have helped me achieve a bit of harmony in my work and personal life.  The first is…

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Last January, my friend, and a great Coach encouraged me to review the year 2019 with her and plan for 2020, it was not an easy task, but it was the best way to start my year 2020. We used a resource called ‘The year ahead’ by yearcompass.com. It took me forever to answer the questions and fill in the columns; yet she was patient, insistent, and committed to ensuring I harnessed the benefits of the resource.  When I mentally…

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Memoirs – Inspiration from this week

This week has been exciting in many ways. Exciting will be the best word to describe a week filled with great tension, mind wrecking pressure and body crushing tiredness. These adjectives all seem too intense to describe the last 5 days. However, in all honesty; these words best describe the strain and emotional turmoil I have been through this week. The week began with a ‘bang’ – a review of my KPI at work to triple the initial target, was…

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