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 “Seddie! your closet is scattered again?”  I heard Mimi reprimand her brother as she dug through the pile of clothing, searching for his cardigan.   “You will kneel down when you return from school”.   She sighed with a tinge of exasperation and a knowing that the cardigan must be dug out otherwise mum won’t let her be.  Judgment for the erring crew member came swiftly and firmly as pronounced by Chief Judge Mimi, the magistrate in charge of my home court.…

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OMG conversations with my kids

Mummy, won’t you go and pick your husband from the airport? Didi, my 9years old asked with a smile as she struggled to sit her butt comfortably on my bed. “I will, but I am hungry” I replied with my eyes fixed on my phone trying to send out a message. “Are you choosing food over your husband?” she continued mischievously. I paused and stared hard at her in unbelief, “he is my husband, not yours! I will pick him…

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Mommy Monster

“No more Perfect Moms” devotional by Jill Savage is one every mother should read. It is conversational, relatable and the lessons are spot on. The link was shared by a good friend, I am recommending same to you and here is why. This extract from Day 3 says it all, read, learn and be better equipped to handle your “mommy monster” moments. “Does the Mommy Monster show up at your house on occasion? When the Mommy Monster yells, her anger…

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SUPPORT NETWORK – Lesson from my 8-year-old

Image Credit - https://unsplash.com/@timmarshall

I love listening to my daughters’ chit chat as I find their giggles and chatter soothing and at rare times irksome. They frequently indulge in this when cleaning out the dishes, handling house chores, waiting for sleep to kiss their eyelids, and at those times that I say “no” to their request for extended TV time. Listening to this chit chats have been very insightful and revealing as well. Recently, I listened in as they chatted while cleaning out the…

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The word TEAM WORK

I woke up this morning with no desire to make breakfast, all I just wanted was to stretch and remain in bed until whenever! Some days are just like this, especially on weekends which often begin with that urge to do nothing but just ‘chill and relax. Thank God the kids aren’t toddlers… So this morning, I announced from my bed-  “today’s breakfast is serve yourself”. My husband laughed and added, “its cereal this morning people”; to douse the torrent…

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FAMILY LIFE Motherhood parenting Post Covid-19 raising children

THE NEW NORMAL – my online schooling story

Thank God it’s Friday!! Whew! see me jumping and dancing into the weekend Online schooling has not been a stroll in the park like we initially envisaged. The snippets we watched online and as practiced in other countries did not reveal the full story O!   The past 3 weeks of online schooling has been tasking, demanding and full of drama…especially in handling my son who is in the nursery class as he requires full supervision and support to go…

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CHILDREN FAMILY help independence parenting refuel


Parenthood is an endurance marathon that you cannot train for, and certain moments of the journey will be exhilarating while others will sap your energy. Juggling the demands of  a family is an incredible feat that warrants respect and appreciation.Erin Schlicher “OMG! Not again! What did you just do?” I screamed in sheer annoyance! In a split second, the frightened and innocent look on the face of my daughter jolted me back to reality. How could I have screamed that…

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LITTLE HELPING HANDS – Chores for 2 – 9 years old

  I love this picture, it’s a picture of my friend’s 4 year old daughter chopping carrot as neatly as a good chef. The fact that she can chop carrot and other vegetables into such fine shapes comes as a timely reminder to begin teaching and allowing my children handle house chores without hovering over them like a mother hen. After all, didn’t John Adams say that practice makes perfect. It is only when we attempt a task that we get…

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Last week, I read a chilling story about Promise Eboye. It is a sad tale of a mother who almost killed her son in an attempt to discipline him for a claimed wrongdoing. I was dumbfounded at the ugly scars that were inflicted on the back of this 6 year old boy and could only imagine the emotional and psychological trauma he will struggle with. Read the full story here.    I do not think that violent acts such as this existed in the…

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My daughters brought a bunch of hand picked flowers for me today, it’s the second time I’m being given flowers this week. The beautiful flowers were picked from the garden at school, kept shielded through their ride from school and carefully dropped  on the shelve just to be presented to me as I came in from work.Oh how I loved the flowers which I received with a hug and kiss. You can’t imagine what this innocent act of love did…

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