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Dear Woman …

 Dear Woman, Your strength is second to none. Undefined maybe. You are an army of one, leading territories and championing every cause. Your ebony skin is like pure pearls, like honey and milk. Like expensive jewels, your hair, your curves, your lips, your smile, your legs all glow and radiate beauty that is beyond skin deep.  You are so unique, leaving every space softer and more colourful. You are like sweet perfume, spreading fresh fragrance everywhere from the boardroom to…

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A new driver was assigned to my unit years ago and today’s muse brings memories of my first encounter with him. He was neatly dressed in a white shirt and grey pants with a red tie, extremely polite, and was eager to please everyone. As we made our first ride together, he repeatedly asked if I was comfortable with the music, air conditioning temperature, the positioning of the front seat, the speed of the car, and everything else till I…

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“Mark ran up the stairs and away from the big black cat, he wrapped his arms around his skinny body trembling with fright…” I lay beside my 4 years old, listening to him read fluently from an old storybook. I smiled thoughtfully as my heart swelled with so much pride. A few months ago, pronouncing three-letter and four-letter words were a great struggle which made my heart worry. It didn’t occur to my ‘overly expectant self’ that Seddie was just…

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“Chicken pox leave my daughter and cling to me oo”, my mum sang in her melodious voice rocking me back and forth, while trying unsuccessfully to comfort and calm my grieving soul. Oh yes! I was grieving and the tears that flowed ceaselessly were the expression of the pain I felt within. Even if I desired to calm myself, the tears would not stop and so I let it flow. With this torrent flowing freely, my lips gave life to the…

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