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As a 23-year-old, I was skinny, shy, and very insecure. I hated my dry skin, dry palms, long neck, flat butts, and the bones that stuck around my neck. Now I know it is called a “beauty bone.” These so-called beauty bones gawked at me every time I dared to stare in the mirror, and I struggled to cover them up by wearing turtleneck blouses. I also hated my school because it was far from home, in a strange city…

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ADMISSION WAHALA – Another life phase

It’s another major milestone season for our first daughter – transitioning from Primary to Secondary School. So last week, she wrote yet another secondary school entrance examination that lasted for 5 hours! Ordinarily, it should have been a stressful day for us all, but we turned it into a memorable one. I honestly think there should be a community of mothers with children sitting for entrance examinations into secondary schools to offer support and guidance through this process.  I did…

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  The gradual growth of a pregnancy bump can sometimes be a thrilling and an exciting experience, especially for a greatly anticipated pregnancy. My third missionary journey felt like a whole new experience, It was after all a pregnancy that came after a few years. My initial excitement  knew no bound as such it often felt like my attention moved from everyone and everything to the unborn baby.  *winks* While expecting that pregnancy, I probably caught the ‘baby blues’. Every…

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