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My Worry-Free Pill

                         “Man for the sake of getting a living forgets to live” – Margaret Fuller   Are you worried? Last weekend, I woke up with a heavy heart. I was berserk with worry, and I was helpless trying to stop this marauding beast from taking my joy. As my mind circled over the several issues, I convinced my rational mind that crying would be my best outlet. My eyes love…

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Born A Female – Diary Entry

In my African Home You work your spinal cord to its untimely death. May its gentle soul Rest In Peace. You walk your feet till its ends fray. You serve everyone that has a stomach and a pair of legs that is forbidden from stepping into the kitchen because they’re what?  Males. Oh! You dare not complain – you’re not even allowed to. You bear the pains with a gentle strength for failure to keep to this law makes you…

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Today, I woke to the brightness of the sun rays, I struggled out of the bed and knelt to pray before my day commenced. I still recite my prayers because my brain has been so wired from childhood. Besides, my mama always says it’s the best way to begin the day. I know the recitation is only a routine as I doubt the Father of Light even listens to my mumbling. These days, I find great solace at the window…

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