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Did you know that a change of scenery, great food, awesome conversations, and lots of laughter may just be the cure you need to de-stress? YES! it’s that simple. Things the body and mind experience when stressed are better watched as a video than described. Lola, my bosom friend, was so stressed by work deadlines, a relationship hanging by a thread, family pressure, and putting up with the woes of surviving in a megacity called Lagos, such that she became a…

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Where do you draw Strength?

Two members of my household were sick last week, and I was emotionally, mentally, and physically drained from caring for them, meeting work deadlines, and living up to other general expectations from life and family. I felt overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out by anxiety. I constantly fretted over their loss of appetite, reoccurring fever, dull look, and unusually long sleep pattern. I completely forgot the medications administered were kicking in and, their bodies required the long rest to recover fully.…

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Circa 2015, I quit my job and was just content with not knowing what next and just taking it a day at a time. The job was so toxic I felt like I had just been released from prison and was basking in my newfound freedom. While what was ahead was quite uncertain and I had no clue what I wanted to do next. At that time, I was content and grateful to just be alive. You see, you never…

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One of the most terrifying sights for most parents I will assume, is to see their toddler with a sharp object. Numerous videos of toddlers going to great lengths to retrieve the object of their interest, flood the internet. From climbing out of their cribs to scaling over a refrigerator. One begins to wonder how creatures so sweet and little can “manifest” the way they do. Asides from when they are asleep, quiet time is not what parents with active…

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PRAYER FOR MY BOSS- Wise counsel from my beloved colleague.

It’s been a tough period at work and everything I did, every effort, every presentation was received with dissatisfaction by my Boss… I felt picked on, isolated on the team and nearly losing faith in myself… I cried out in prayer to my God, booked masses, wept at the altar of mercy yet it seemed like the heavens had left me dry shod… On this fateful day, as my colleague and I were walking to lunch – Calabar kitchen in…

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SPECIFICITY: Lessons from a 3-year-old

She was 3 years old, we had an argument about what she did wrong. She maintained her punishment was not equal to the crime, but as the administrator of the punishment, I felt it was. So, I said,” off to your bed right now!”. In an act of unwilling obedience, my young lady stomped off to her room. I had to stifle the laughter brewing within as I watched the little being stomp her tiny feet away in anger, it…

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Trendy Mum Self-Management Tips 101

Hello Trendy mothers, today my binoculars are on you all, oh yess! You and you and you!! A trendy mother is a woman who seems (on the outside) to have all facets of her life working harmoniously, she is that woman that excels in her role as a wife, mother, career or business and still look beautiful. Every blossoming woman’s dream is to become such an amazon one day, it is truly a dream and one, that may never materialize,…

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FAMILY VALUES – My inspiration to creating one

A fortnight ago, just before bedtime, My 10 year asked – “Mum, what are our family values”? I did not have a ready answer, so I responded – “Can we talk about it tomorrow?”. I needed time to put on my thinking cap and coordinate my response. Honestly, it had been a while we discussed our family vision and mission, which we put up some years back. Read about it here Her question came as a needful and timely reminder to…

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The Financial Guilt trap

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a childhood friend Sisi A who wanted a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to vent. It was obvious that she was overwhelmed by the financial obligations she is responsible for monthly and could not see an end to it. Frustration has set in and in her words, “it feels like I toil for 30days and empty all into a basket”. Life held no appeal for her and the hopelessness in…

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The word TEAM WORK

I woke up this morning with no desire to make breakfast, all I just wanted was to stretch and remain in bed until whenever! Some days are just like this, especially on weekends which often begin with that urge to do nothing but just ‘chill and relax. Thank God the kids aren’t toddlers… So this morning, I announced from my bed-  “today’s breakfast is serve yourself”. My husband laughed and added, “its cereal this morning people”; to douse the torrent…

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