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Silencing your Fears

When you face a challenge – Do not FEAR! I repeat Do not FEAR!! I vividly recall a long meeting with my supervisor on a specific Key Performance Index (KPI) that needed improvement. The conversation ended with, “I will move you to a different unit if things do not change in the next 3 weeks.” For the first time in my adult life, I couldn’t sleep that night because I was afraid of failing. I remember vividly the scene and where…

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  The sight of my 20 months old trying unsuccessfully to wiggle out of the tight embrace of his 6 years old sister always gets me cracking with laughter. I can perceive the unsaid words of my daughter by her determined stance of “I must grab you by all means” and the struggling toddler screaming loudly through his unclear words “let go of me”. This struggle is usually a sight to behold and the bond between these two is  beyond my…

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