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Affirmation MOTIVATIONAL strength for each day


We all have those days when it feels too hard. Some days, you’re really triggered up and on others, nothing really happens.  It just feels overwhelming and hard to live by. Often times, this feeling could go past days into weeks, where no one gets you and you just want to run for cover. You question a lot of things, you question your identity, you even find yourself asking if you’re a good enough mum, good on your Job/business and…

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lOVE prayer strength for each day


I belong to a group of women that believe strongly in Christ and the institution of marriage and we have a prayer chain that enables members pray virtually every Saturday for our husbands and children. Praying virtually with other like-minded people generates power and creates a spiritual connection that words can’t describe. Praying with these women have blessed me immensely, as they have built and encouraged me to stand relentlessly in the place of prayer over my household and children.…

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