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Gratitude sweet November thanksgiving


 I have a special love for the month of November, fondly christened sweet November. November always come with the obvious reminder that the year end is close and Christmas celebrations are even closer. Oh! How I love this special month and the surge of hope it conveys for a beautiful end and an expected new beginning (a new year). Such hope that can be liken to an athlete’s optimism when he sees the finish line and is expectant of embracing it.…

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Gratitude sweet November thanksgiving


It’s November again and I am super excited that the end of the year 2015 is right around the corner. Truthfully, I can boldly say “better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”. Oh! How I greatly anticipated this month right from mid-October (hahaha). Oh yes ooo! Isn’t my excitement just contagious? (*Winks*) I simply love November for the sweet scent of yuletide it beckons (I love holidays and festivity) and the nostalgic feeling it creates out…

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Birthday celebration happy RELATIONSHIP thanksgiving


Yipppeee! The hours, minutes and seconds finally ticked off and its now 26th of July 2015! I am super excited and I can’t keep calm! It is official that I am now 1,2,3,4,5,6.7,8,9,10….20… 30.. years old! I am so happy and most grateful to God. If you know what I have been through this last one year, you will understand my excitement. I have survived two accidents with long haul trailers that almost squashed my car and mau! I was so overwhelmed…

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celebration God Gratitude heart thanksgiving


With a few hours left to end the month of October and 61 days left to commence 2015, I reflect with great joy and fulfillment on how exciting and pulse racing the experiences of the last 10 months has been. The month of October has been exceptional, memorable and filled with joy. Even though, there has been some near accident and death experiences; the amazing surprises, fulfilled expectations, launch of a new endeavour and some new milestones achieved by my…

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