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Friends are great to have, hold and love. I often imagine how boring our walk through life would be without the spice of friendship. Friends are priceless as they complement every aspect of our lives, they often serve as our adviser, loyalist, stylist/designer, experiment specie, gossip and mischief mate, merry and ‘waka’ partner, and the list is unending.  Friends come in different shades, most are dependable while a few others are what we often refer to as ‘fair weather’ friends.…

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Is there any difference between – Harmless and harmful ‘lies?’ Last night I was at my balcony waiting for the odour of the insecticide I used in the rooms to vanish, when I overheard my neighbor speaking to someone over the phone –“I am in presently in Abuja and will be back in a week’s time… Don’t worry; I will personally deliver the job … Alfred my main man …” I smiled and wondered if Mr Akpan (not his real…

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