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I have never loved washing burnt pots and I am not ashamed to admit. I have also noticed my daughter does not like washing them either. In her words, “mummyā€¯, this soggy rice can make one puke”.My response – “that is just food soaked with water, mbok wash it”. I am happy that I am the chief supervisor and not the other way round. I for hear ‘wee’. Recently, I made this same confession of my aversion for washing dirty…

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Today I went into a rage and broke my hubby’s phone and mine. I threw both phones against the wall of our garage and watched the screen and other parts shatter in different directions. I have no regrets and I am not contrite either; this thing seem to have more hold over our household than we care to admit. You can judge all u want, even call me irrational and emotionally unbalanced; I do not care about your opinion. You…

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