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FAMILY VALUES – My inspiration to creating one

A fortnight ago, just before bedtime, My 10 year asked – “Mum, what are our family values”? I did not have a ready answer, so I responded – “Can we talk about it tomorrow?”. I needed time to put on my thinking cap and coordinate my response. Honestly, it had been a while we discussed our family vision and mission, which we put up some years back. Read about it here Her question came as a needful and timely reminder to…

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Appreciating teachers appreciation CHILDREN end of a session values

APPRECIATING THE ANGELS WITHIN – 7 inexpensive ways to appreciate a teacher

        “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart” – Author Unknown Teachers are simply priceless and their impact in the lives they tutored are timeless;  they are not in any way constrained to the four walls of a classroom or lecture theatre as the lessons and values taught and impacted are immeasurable. We can readily christen any person impacting knowledge, values and character to another directly or indirectly, in ways that mould the mind and guide…

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Is there any difference between – Harmless and harmful ‘lies?’ Last night I was at my balcony waiting for the odour of the insecticide I used in the rooms to vanish, when I overheard my neighbor speaking to someone over the phone –“I am in presently in Abuja and will be back in a week’s time… Don’t worry; I will personally deliver the job … Alfred my main man …” I smiled and wondered if Mr Akpan (not his real…

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