She walked
into my office and greeted me in her usual manner, “good afternoon ma”. A
beautiful girl with accentuated curves in the right places. Today, she did not go
to transact in the other section. She rather pulled a chair in front of my desk
and as she proceeded to sit, she said “please I need a favour”.  I smiled, adjusted my seat and turned to face
her. She told me she will be travelling to Russia in a few weeks and wanted to
know how to access her account from there.

I met
Esther (not her real name) last year when she had issues with providing a
utility bill to verify her residence during an account opening. As we discussed
the options available, I came to know that she was a commercial sex worker who
resides in a hotel. I probed further as I tried to reconcile why a 21 year old beauty
will leave her family and travel all the way from home just to face the hazard
of being a commercial sex worker.

We spoke at
length the first day we met, I tried unsuccessfully to dissuade from her chosen
profession but her mind was made up. Her trade did not inhibit our friendship;
rather my interest in her caused it to blossom. She usually stopped to greet and
chit chat every time she came for a transaction.

In a few
weeks my friend will be in Russia to continue the same “trade”. Today she has confirmed that her visa has been issued, ticket bought and accommodation confirmed.
Her contact at Russia awaits her arrival; once again I tired unsuccessfully to dissuade her but to
no avail.

As I watch her walk away, I wondered silently where her mother went wrong with her
upbringing. Her father is a pastor, her mother a trader. What would they have
done better? Is it a deliberate decision? How do we raise children that will
chose good above evil?

I still
shudder at the thought of raising children that will chose to tow the path of
evil and damn its consequence.

please! We all can learn a thing or two from your comments.

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