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I have never loved washing burnt pots and I am not ashamed to admit.

I have also noticed my daughter does not like washing them either.

In her words, “mummy”, this soggy rice can make one
puke”.My response – “that is just food soaked with water, mbok wash it”.

I am happy that I am the chief supervisor and not the other way round. I for
hear ‘wee’.

Recently, I made this same confession of my aversion for washing dirty pots to
Hubby as we conversed about every and all things.

Surprisingly, later that the day he helped washed out the pots
my daughter and I consciously omitted in our dish washing chore.

On another day, I was surprised and even elated when I discovered that the pot
used in making

brunch had been cleaned out by my 8 and 10years old daughters. I smiled contentedly at my newly found teammates

God loves me dearly.

What house chores do you detest?????



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