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Dear Woman …

 Dear Woman,

Your strength is second to none. Undefined maybe. You are an army of one, leading territories and championing every cause.

Your ebony skin is like pure pearls, like honey and milk. Like expensive jewels, your hair, your curves, your lips, your smile, your legs all glow and radiate beauty that is beyond skin deep. 

You are so unique, leaving every space softer and more colourful. You are like sweet perfume, spreading fresh fragrance everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom. 

And when you dance. The whole world stands still in admiration of the joy that spreads from within. We are happy when you are, for your smile is contagious. 

Your focus, tenacity, and ability to shoulder a thousand responsibilities without flinching are second to none. I celebrate your strength, intellect, patience, and the difference you make when you show up and do YOU!

You nurture, bring life, you make magic, you uphold your values, and, strive to win despite age-long traditions and peer pressures. You are an inspiration!

I see how much you care for everyone but not half as much for yourself. I see how you strive to show up and to be you. I see how hard you push to succeed in life, at home, and in the marketplace. And when the reward is not commensurate, it is perfectly okay to cry but NEVER give up.

Try again, strive more, never lose sight of your dreams, goals despite the compelling excuses, needs, and other life distractions.

Dare to speak up and let your voice be heard. Even when unspoken bias threatens to hold you down, break free! Speak out and speak boldly. Be confident in who are you. No one should define you!

Be assertive, manage your life, your heartaches, and your headaches. Take on every day boldly, encouraging all to be the best while shinning the light for others to follow.

I see you advancing, above the limitation of your past. I see you wade through the treacherous sea of expectations and responsibility, waltzing through as if you are invincible. (Maybe you are)

I pray you are surrounded by great minds who aid your growth, blossoming, and igniting the passion for good blazing within.

I pray you to have the courage to stay true to your weakness and strength. 

I pray you to find a few credible men who believe in the dream you carry.

I pray you to have the courage to understand that you are enough; because indeed you are!

Take the lead and let others follow. Not the other way round. Listen more closely, follow your instincts, they will lead you right. 

Set out to do that which you propose in your heart to do. Fall while doing the same. Let the splinters from the glass ceiling leave its scar on you as you break through. It takes courage dear woman, but you are more than able.

Chart the paths, blaze trails, acknowledge your road which may be less traveled and lean unto those differences. Learn every day, try on new things, convert knowledge to action and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

And for every second, the negative voices rise in your head to say that you are not good enough, to measure your work with your worth, you answer right back with full authority silencing it! 

Woman! Go ahead and Create! That is what your biological makeup does. It carries life, it nurtures, it builds. Not just lives only but ideas, innovations, businesses, and empires. You may take one step at a time, but CREATE! I say.

Forget the naysayers who seek to sidetrack you with comments like

“You’re doing too much”, 

“You’re too ambitious.” 

“You’re too fierce.” 

“You’d scare the men away.”

IGNORE them! I repeat, IGNORE. 

Contest for every coveted position, grace all stages, and be that thought leader in the marketplace. SHINE girl! Even with trembling feet, SHINE! I say.

You don’t need the validation of ALL when you are loved unconditionally by the creator of ALL. His love is more than enough He’s the audience of one. Perform for Him. 

I hope you return to our maker empty of every dream, potential, and vision.

I hope you discover the values and treasures that lie deep beyond the gaze of mortal eyes. 

I hope you find fulfillment as you traverse the length and breadth of this universe. 

I hope you learn from your failures and boldly display your scars with pride. 

I love you for being WOMAN, and for all you represent. 

Keep beaming the light and making our world glow like the bronzer on your skin. 


With love and pride;

Your Fellow Woman!




Image credit -Prince Akachi on Unsplash. Photo Credit

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