brassiers dressing female girls panties underwears


colleague shared this experience with me and it propelled me to remind my
female folks of the basic tips on the use of underwear.
is his experience and in his words …….
The sudden screeching of
car tires momentarily snatched my gaze from the ample bosom on display in front
of me.  As everyone in ‘mama calabar’ hurried
out to see what had caused such noise, I relaxed and intently stared at my
‘object’ of fascination as she wriggle her waist to catch a glimpse of a ‘near
accident’ caused by a reckless bike man who almost collided with an oncoming
commercial bus. Her panty lines were like knives glaring angrily through the
light leggings she wore.
‘Mama Calabar’ is a popular
road side eatery where I go to have breakfast; she serves the best cooked delicacies
in the neighborhood. This food joint also serve as a meeting point for a lot of
bachelors and also for people who left their homes too early to eat breakfast. Apart
from the mouthwatering dishes mama Calabar serves, the collection and cadres of
customers made her food joint ‘somewhat’ special.
This particular morning,
as I sat for my order to be served, a daughter of Eve pulled out a chair and
sat across the table right opposite me. Her well-endowed ‘boobs’ were
struggling for space in the light unlined chiffon blouse she wore which also vividly
revealed an undersized bra. As
if this distraction wasn’t enough, the near accident incident offered another
opportunity to feed the eyes on the moulds of flesh underneath her light
I silently wondered if she
understood the basic rules of using underwear or if she was intentionally
provocative. “Hey”! I beckoned to the sales girl, “abeg hurry with my order”.
On the other hand, my zipper was already stretched as my ‘soldier within’ was gradually
reacting to what the eyes were feeding on despite the ‘dressing error’.
Why wouldn’t my thoughts
wonder when my eyes were feeding on two voluptuous elements that looked like
oranges struggling for space in a tight basket and a butt that shook with
reckless abandon? With this, I knew she wore one of those throngs or strings as her panty lines and light leggings gave out the secret!
do ladies think that a string ‘panty’ will make up for the menace a panty line
would cause? How come they never know that one can see a naked butt through
lightly woven fabrics? The shape a properly worn underwear gives is 2nd
to none.
are some TIPS for using an underwear –
Tip 1:  Proper fit is as important with undergarments as with
the clothing that goes over them, especially those designed for shaping or
support. Too loose undergarments are ineffective; too tight leads to unwanted
and unflattering bulges.
 Select the proper underwear hue for the clothing you are
wearing. Wearing dark colored or white undergarments under lightweight and
light colored fabrics can mean the underwear are clearly visible. For most
ethnicities and skin tones, beige is the preferred type, becoming invisible
beneath many of the sheerest fabric types. BUT for women of African
descent who have especially dark skin tones, black undergarments are called
Tip 3: Select lightweight undergarments to accompany
lightweight clothing. Wearing a heavily padded or textured lace brassiere under
a silk blouse can mean that the bra becomes visible under the blouse. Select
smooth finishes and textures in foundation garments under lightweight or
finely-textured fabrics.
Tip 4: Select the proper underwear for the garment you are
wearing. Wearing low-rise jeans and thong underwear is so uncouth, as are
revealed bra straps.
Tip 5: Undergarments can be very sexy garments in their own
right, but know the difference between underwear and lingerie. Underwear
generally has a function in the outfit, while lingerie’s function is primarily
fashion. Save the matching bra and panty sets for the appropriate setting.
Additional Dos and Don’ts
measured for a bra at least twice a year by a professional bra fitter
your bras in lukewarm water, using a gentle soap like baby detergent or even
baby shampoo
ever, ever place your bras in the dryer
at least 1 week after your period before trying and purchasing new bras
try on bras before purchasing them you will not wear the same-sized bra in
every bra
your bras every day to extend the life of the bra
on fit rather than fashion when looking for everyday bras
you’ve got love handles, always buy briefs (not bikinis) with light stomach
health reasons, make sure your underwear has a cotton crotch
unpacked panties before wearing them (people DO try on the undergarments before
Don’t –
white pants with bright-colored panties
too-tight panties
too-tight bra
visible panty-line
more rolls (of flesh) than a Thanksgiving dinner (try a body-shaper)
form-fitting top with heavily detailed bra (you can see bra imprint through
slip longer than dress or skirt
tube top with no bra.  You could just refrain
from tube tops altogether.
N/B – You can read more about
the different types of panties and brassier that are available and how to make
a good choice.


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