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Glory is 30 weeks pregnant today and whines more than a mosquito about her pregnancy! Oh yes! My love for her does not stop me from telling her this truth. These complaints intensified at 27 weeks where she complained of eating too much, getting tired of dragging her pregnant frame to work and looking fat like a pregnant pig! Lol. She always ends each episode of whining with “I can’t wait to give birth”.
The truth is Glory still looks pretty with the bump sitting pretty on her once hallowed hour glass shape (figure 8). She is most fortunate to still have her nose and feet in shape, not to mention an everyday glowing skin and radiant beauty. In my opinion, pregnancy looks good on her and as such, I do not understand her hastiness to ‘off-load’ her bump. Glory has been my friend since nursery 1, she has practically been in almost all my early memories of the experience call friendship and have shared in most of my special and tearful moments from childhood till teen hood. She is pretty, outspoken and witty in a special way. Our friendship brought our family and siblings close and over the years when we have been out of reach we ‘somehow’ still remain close.When marriage changed her abode to Lagos, she sought the comfort of ‘mua’ who knows her like the back of my hand. Being married with kids gave her more comfort to consult my wealth of experience and pour her ‘woes’ on my shoulder.
*shrugs* (what are friends for?  Hahahaha).My post today is to remind Glory that life is beautiful when you take it one day at a time, same with pregnancy. Carrying that bump is the easiest thing to do now; because your arms are free to do as they please, your sleep aren’t regulated by ‘baby cry’ and you can go any and everywhere without the worry to breast feed. So do not wish the baby should be out before its time, just enjoy
your BUMP! Do not misunderstand me, motherhood is beautiful but it also requires a lot of work
and selflessness. Below is the experience of a new mom to keep that whining in check! *tongue out*

 Infants are the drill sergeants of parenting boot camp. They give you four basic tasks – diapers, burping, feeding, and napping – and then scream at you when you do them wrong.
There’s no encouragement, no smiles, just crying and quiet. And they give you tasks at
any time, day or night. Just finished changing my diaper? Change it again. Good
job, now change that one.
After a few months of breaking you down, they build you back up again. They smile at you. They sleep through the night. They hold their head up, so you don’t have to.
And after it’s over, the tasks you learned – swaddling, diapering, bottle prepping– are tasks you will likely never use again. But the skills you’ve gained –patience without sleep, calm in the face of screams, moving your hand into the s**t instead of recoiling – are skills that will serve you the rest of your life.
I love it. From the truth about just how hard it is, to the way you’re rewarded with
those sweet, cautious smiles.
To this day I still am not a fan of the
infant stage, and don’t judge anyone who is afraid of what they’re getting into
in the slightest. I hear other people gush about the 
of a newborn
, but it’s just lost on me… read more here
So my dear, relax and wait for your boot camp to commence!


N/B – Sorry my dearest friend, I bet you did not know I’ll blog about you today. I can
imagine the horrified look on your face!
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    Trendy Mother
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    @Winifred Udom, are you guilty as charged? please enjoy your bump!

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